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Who we are?


Honoroast is a Specialty Coffee Roastery based in Doha, Qatar.
We started with a vision in 2019
to become more independent,
to roast fresh, single-origin beans,
and to serve a need in our community.

We believe that the journey to exceptional coffee starts with choosing the right bean. We also believe in fair trade that is based on transparency and respect. That’s why we work directly with farmers all over the world to showcase different flavors, traits, and qualities in every bag we roast. All our services are made with our customers’ needs in mind.

We are here to take this journey with you.

Who we are?


At Honoroast, we understand the significance of the roaster’s role. Our SCA certified Head Roaster Kristina works closely with Roaster Jecyrel to ensure that the beans are honored and complimented during the roasting process, to showcase and highlight the unique flavours and qualities that will make your perfect cup of coffee.

We are here to take this journey with you.


Our roastery lives in Flat White Specialty Coffee’s branch in Tawar Mall, Doha, Qatar.
You can buy our roasted beans from any Flat White branch or right here on this site.

To learn more about Flat White, visit

Our Coffee

We offer the Best Coffee Beans
Our coffee is Natural

A good day should start with coffee.